About us

Pure Power Ltd exists to protect the safety of building users. Organisations from a wide range of sectors have premises that operate a pump room, which distributes a fire suppressant to systems around the building – such as sprinklers. We specialise in maintaining pump rooms, ensuring they are working exactly as they should. The work we do is a vital element of fire safety in building and, ultimately, saves lives.

The company was established in 2015 but the combined experience of our highly skilled operatives adds up to many, many years. Due to the quality and timely delivery of our service, Pure Power Ltd has gained sole supplier status with many fire suppression systems suppliers. We have also built up an impressive blue-chip client base.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy changed the landscape of fire safety. Organisations are now much more aware of the responsibility of building owners and managers to ensure their premises are safe for all users. They look to service providers they can trust to provide expertise, cost-effectiveness and mobility. This has enabled Pure Power Ltd to become the leading provider of fire suppression maintenance solutions in the UK.